Bo-Kaap Cultural & Heritage Gateway

The mission of the Bo-Kaap Cultural and Heritage Gateway is
to create a pathway toward empowerment and financial self-sufficiency
for women and youth
while preserving and sharing our cultural heritage.

Social Enterprises

The Bo-Kaap Cultural and Heritage Gateway aims to realise our mission by creating a vibrant local economy through social enterprise and micro-entrepreneurship. The Bo-Kaap Cultural and Heritage Gateway invites local and foreign tourists to spend their money in support of families in Bo-Kaap through the following initiatives:

These enterprises are designed to increase family income. We have found that role models in our community who have taken initiative through micro-enterprise and helped to lift their families out of poverty have created infectious energy and optimism, providing tangible examples of how we can all take action help ourselves and our family.


member of CTT

member of CTT



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2 responses to “Bo-Kaap Cultural & Heritage Gateway

  1. Fieroza Pienaar

    Hi there,

    I would like to market my goods at the Bo Kaap Market Day. Please advise how do I find out more details and who do I contact. Thank you for your assistance.
    Kind regards,


    • Good Day Feroza
      My apologies for only responding now. The Market project manager is Nazlia and her contact telephone number is 0726430054.
      She will be able to assist you with any questions or queries relating to the market.

      Take care
      Jacky Poking

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